Example Whiplash Claims

Car Accident

Mrs S was parked at the side of the road when a car hit her from behind and forced her up the curb. Mrs S was severely shaken and suffered injuries to her neck and back. AMA took care of everything – they arranged for a replacement hire car to be delivered to the client’s home for her to use until her insurance company arrange a new car - Mrs S was also awarded over £2000.00 compensation for her injuries.

RTA - Mrs S from Middlesex

Mr Rolls was driving along the road in one lane of traffic when the car in front of braked suddenly. Mr Rolls braked in response but the third party in the car behind him failed to stop and hit Mr Rolls' vehicle in the rear. AMA arranged everything including a like for like replacement hire car. Mr Rolls' car was a total loss and he suffered with whiplash. Mr Rolls was awarded the full pre-accident value for his car and £1500.00 compensation for his injuries.

RTA - Mr Rolls from Bedfordshire

Our Client was driving home from work and was involved in an accident – the other car hit them from behind. Their car was unroadworthy after the accident. They contacted AMA and advised them what had happened. After taking all the details of the accident no more than a few hours later we called the Client to inform them that their claim was accepted and we arranged for a replacement car similar to their own to be delivered to their house. We then arranged for our Client's car to be taken for repair to a local body shop and ensured they didn’t have to pay their policy excess. We also dealt with their injury claim and organised one of our claims advisors to meet them at their home to help them complete the necessary paperwork. Once their car was repaired we delivered it back to their home and collected the hire car. Our Client received 100% of their compensation of just over £2000.00 within 8 months.


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