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The first step in a claim for compensation for a slip, trip or fall is to idenfity the owner of the property where your accident took place. It is the responsibility of the owner to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of individuals that enjoy access to their property. If your accident took place in a supermarket or a restaurant then the owner of that supermarket or restaurant will potentially be liable for your accident. If your accident took place on a foot path then the liability would fall to your local authority and a claim would be pursued against them.

Common slip, trip or fall compensation claims we deal with occur in a public place such as an individual triping over a broken paving slab on a pavement or slipping on a spill left unattended and unmarked.

Unsurprisingly, slips, trip and fall compensation claims are very common and can often cause very painful injuries for example, broken bones, concussion (or even brain damage) and severe bruising.

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Slip, Trip or Fall

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