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When pursuing any claim for whiplash compensation, in order to maximise the success of your claim it is important to consider the following steps:

1. Take down notes on the details of your accident, don't just rely on your memory. Important details include: the time and date of the accident, what you were doing at the time of the accident, what the accident involved, what injuries you sustained, what you feel could have been done by the 3rd party involved in order to avoid the accident, details of any witnesses of the accident, a diagram or pictures of the accident. All of this information will place you in a strong position when pursuing your claim.

2. We can put you in touch with a whiplash compensation specialist solicitor right away and you can provide them with the full details of your claim so they can start to make arrangements for you straight away. Such as arranging you a replacement vehicle, arranging for specialist medical care, visiting you to fill out your accident report, starting your compensation claim. They can really relieve the pressure from pursuing a claim, allowing you to concentrate solely and getting yourself back to health quickly.

3. Get medical attention and medical notes from a medical practitioner. Your chosen whiplash compensation specialist will be able to support you here and arrange for the Doctor's notes to be supplied as evidence for your claim.

One of the key features of a whiplash injury is that it may not start to take effect in the immediate aftermath of the accident. The symptoms can take hours or even days to appear so it's vital that you seek medical attention right away, even if you feel in good health at the time.

Whiplash compensation payable can vary dramatically from £875 for minor whiplash, up to £16,400 for severe whiplash. This amount doesn't include any award for special damages for example, any out of pocket expenses and losses arising from the accident.

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